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hat a line goes wrong? REPORT PAL 'JUNGLA .

Unfortunately, most ML low leagues are blamed on the jungle if something goes wrong . That is because it is the position of which is most expected and possibly the one that is under more pressure without free battlepoints in mobile legends.

Although it may not seem so, it is very difficult to exercise your function well. It would suffice to say that it is necessary to always have control of the minimap and know the situation of each line individually, but there is more! Anyway, do not worry about it. You will have most of the work done if you maintain good communication with the team. The rest is based on practicing and practicing.

Control the jungle of your rival and be one step ahead. Why camp? What routes do we follow? When should we hook? All that and much more you have in the video. Remember also that jungle and a good midlaner have almost the same relationship as ADC and support! as in mobile legends bang bang cheats

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Before beginning to read, remember that League of Legends is a game in continuous growth. This article corresponds to the situation of the jungle today, but this could be modified in future patches.

The jungle is that part of the map of the Summoner's Crack (or Twisted Forest, though in that case it is completely different) that is found around the three main streets. Inside it, on both sides of the map, there are different camps with neutral monsters, which will only attack if they receive damage. These monsters, when defeated, give an improvement to the player. Among them we find the dragons .

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From one to five: the arrival of elemental dragons

Until the middle of last season, Riot had implemented a system of five bonuses of Matadragones With it, for every dragon that killed the allied team, we reinforced some attribute. The dragon stopped giving Gold to become a contextual target. However, in the initial stage, and until the game was not developed enough, killing this creature was not relevant but with mobile legends hacktool.

To avoid this tendency, League of Legends received a new change in its dragon: of one, happened to be five. Four elemental dragons and one Elder Dragon Each of them with a different kind of improvement. Since its implementation, during the first 35 minutes of the game appears one of the elementals. When it is defeated, it is replaced by another (element may or may not be repeated) until the initial half hour passes.

Both teams will see the symbol of the next dragon that will appear. With this, you can know if it is worth it or not risk it. Depending on the situation in which we find ourselves, a dragon will benefit us greatly or will not serve us much. To know when a dragon can give us the victory, let's see what bonus each of them has.

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